Shamanism – Past Life Journeys, Soul Retrieval, Extraction Medicine

to bring positive changes into your life for good health and abundance

As a trained certified Past Life Soul Coach practitioner with Denise Linn and Shaman practitioner with Howard and Elsa Malpas I will work with you shamanically to visit past lives that affect your present life situations which will then affect your future. You will be taken on a guided meditation for Past Life, Soul Retrieval or extraction medicine to be carried out depending on your circumstances and what the meditation reveals. We will change those repeating patterns forever. This is a very powerful way to transform your life.

Shamanic Journeying can help to dissolve fears and phobias, improve your health, relationships and wealth. Through changing the past any blockages can be released to change the present and have a great future, as well as finding talents and qualities you had in past lives which can be useful to you in this lifetime. It will also release fears and phobias and help with health problems.

You will benefit in mind body and spirit, release the old ways of thinking, feel more energised, attract new opportunities into your life, have clarity of thought and attract to you what you deserve with a loving partner, good job, happy family life and be prosperous in every way, reconnect with soul mates, bring positive experiences into your present life.

We will transform those repeating life patterns to benefit you in this present time. This is a very powerful way to make dramatic changes in your life.

To book a Shamanic Consultation – with Vicky £65/hr
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