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Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Course
with Vicky Sweetlove

Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd December 2017 and 18th and 19th August 2018 from 10.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. each day £180 for two days Worship Street, London to book For the 2nd and 3rd December only book here
(certificate on completion)International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Approved Training Provider


Space Clearing is a simple way of balancing the energy in a home or business and it helps to make a room or a space feel light and energised.

When it comes to selling a property it’s advisable to have the property space cleared as prospective buyers will always feel the “nice” energy of the home and want to make it their own.

After a space is cleared, people report that they feel healthier, stronger, clearer, more focused and more at peace.

Places that have stagnant energy often make a person feel sluggish, confused, muddled, irritable and stressed.

The art of Space Clearing has been practiced in every native culture around the world as it works in an instant uplifts energy in a space to feel very powerful and helps with clearing negativity and increasing productivity in happier spaces.

What you can Expect

In this two day course you will learn how to clear energies in rooms, houses, offices and land for yourself, your family and for friends.

you will learn:

How to carry out a Space Clearing Ceremony
How to make an altar and sacred space in the home
Know how to clear predecessor chi of the previous occupants also stagnant energy that has built up over a period of time
How to cleanse your own energy field.
Know about Psychic protection
Working with crystal grids
Know how to connect to the nature spirits and the energy of place
Learn how to locate detrimental energies and recognise in the home and office.
Learn to map dowse for earth energies and harmonise them remotely
Know how to locate Geopathic Stress, earth energies.
Learn to use tools to carry out earth acupuncture and acupressure.
How to prepare yourself through meditation to carry out a Space Clearing
What tools to use for space clearing
How to do clutter clearing
How clutter and negative energies in the home affect your energy and your space you live in
How to keep clutter free and have an energised home

Vicky has had wonderful experiences space clearing people’s homes and offices and working with the “spirit of the land” and seen and felt instant results within minutes of finishing a space clearing.

Come and experience the weekend for yourself and know how you can change your home environment to suit your lifestyle.

To make a booking email:, tel: +44(01279 654129 mob: 07885 945008

Soul Collaging Workshop

One of the methods used to connect with what your soul truly desires is the Vision board but working in a different way by connecting with our desires and dreams in meditation then the Vision board will become our reality. Prepare yourself for the new energy coming in the new year and create and meditate on creating what you desire for the coming year, a wonderful year for manifesting your “wants” into reality.

Manifest, create and set your goals. See them come to reality with a meditation at the beginning and on each 9 areas of the life board, see your past, present and future, created in front of you.

Design your Destiny with pictures, words and affirmations letting your soul manifest your true desires and make your dreams come true whether it be a “soul mate”, your dream career, a new home, or the holiday you have always wanted.

We will start with cutting out pictures and words that we feel drawn to and then place them on the Vision board, when ready we will stick and paste and for each life area. There will be a group meditation and you will write down the words that come to you from the meditation as to what your desire is for that particular life area until they are all complete. You can then place the Vision board somewhere in your home where you can see it daily and send this message to the Universe.

Vicky is one of Denise Linn’s Soul Coaches She has written a chapter in “Soul Whispers” on “Feng Shui for your Soul Journey ” a book written by Soul Coaches around the world. “The Soul loves the truth” and our desires are brought forth into reality with the Soul Collage.

THIS REALLY DOES WORK – I have used it for many years!

To make a booking email:, tel: +44(01279 654129 mob: 07885 945008

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