What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a way of living your life in harmony with nature and the world of spirit and has been around for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew when they built sacred places like Stonehenge and Avebury that they could connect to spirit and developed ways of working with soul healing and connecting to nature.
The word Shaman means healer a medicine man or woman who works in their community to help the people that need help on a “spiritual” level.

Shamanism is one of the oldest traditions on Earth, common to all native people around the world spanning many continents with Nordic, Celtic and North and South American traditions, being just an example. The Shamanic way helps us to connect to nature, to spirit and to connect to our soul, the deepest part of our being. It is not a religion but a connection that helps us experience the world of spirit and the messages they want to give us.

A Shaman is the intermediary and the connector between the spirit and the earthly realms and is able to travel to retrieve lost soul parts know as soul retrieval. The shaman will make that connection between the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds in the non reality which is parallel to our earthly worlds and make a connection with your Power animals, spirit guides and find lost parts of our souls and remove unwanted intrusions in our bodies.

A Shaman will travel into the Akashic Records of the individual he / she is working with to meet that person’s guides or power animals and be shown what healing needs to take place on a soul level for this person to have a better relationship, good job, solve their problems, find a new home, to have a healing at soul level to move forward on the earth to have a fulfilling life.

Having a shamanic healing clears energetic blocks in our lives, illnesses and trauma that are contained in our auric fields and is done through ritual and ceremony with drumming, using rattles, crystals, feathers, sacred songs, dance, prayer and plants.

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