About Vicky Sweetlove Vibrational Alchemist

Vibrational Alchemist London UK Vicky SweetloveVicky became more and more intrigued about Vibrational Alchemy when she found that when working with the energy of homes and offices and clearing these spaces, she was using Shamanic techniques. It was only years later as she travelled around the world and visited various sacred sites that she saw that many countries have traditions that all relate back in history to shamanic practices and traditions relating to working with Mother Earth.

Vicky is a qualified Past Life Coach and one of Denise Linn’s Worldwide Soul Coaches. She is an author and regularly wrote for “High Spirit” magazine and “Spirit and Destiny” magazine. She has also appeared on Living TV, Sky One and BBC2 and More 4. More recently she has spoken at the Feng Shui Society Conferences in London, The British Society of Dowsers Symposium, The Clean and Tidy Home Show, The Ideal Home Show London and The International Feng Shui Guild Conference. She holds courses at the College of Psychic Studies London www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk where she gives Akashic Record Readings. Vicky is a red ribbon consultant and gold school member of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) www.ifsguild.org.

Vicky has always had a great connection to nature and the earth and listens to her guides in ways to help the elementals and mother earth. She will often be found making medicine wheels and stone cairns in the landscape to help with the healing of our planet.

She has trained with Denise Linn and is a qualified Past Life and Soul Coach Practitionerwww.deniselinn.com. Vicky’s vibrational alchemy training has taken her to Bali to work with with Ernesto Ortiz www.journeytotheheart.com in the ways of connecting to the Akashic Records and is a 4th generation reader. Working in the past, present and future to give advice on a personal level to help with problems relating to past lives, health issues, relationships not working and businesses that need advice on the choices they have to make on a daily basis.

Vicky has also trained in the Celtic traditions of Shamanism in Glastonbury with Elsa and Howard Malpas www.shamanicwarrior.com and is a qualified Shamanic practitioner and now teaches how to be a vibrational alchemist to her students.

She is a British Society Dowsers www.britishdowsers.org professional dowser and teaches courses in Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy in London and the UK as well as Dowsing for Health.

Vicky is a professional Feng Shui consultant registered with the Feng Shui Society in the UK and the IFSG www.IFSGuild.org in the United States and has been consulting for over 25 years with amazing results and feedback from happy clients all over the UK and the world.

Vicky teaches weekend courses in shamanic journeying into the Akashic Records which covers the basics to learn to journey to meet your spirit guides and animals and to journey to lower, upper and middle worlds to receive assistance with our everyday life. Akashic Connections Course which covers all the basics and learning more about the energy fields that we are surrounded with and making an even greater connection with the earth, spirit and nature spirits.

Vicky also gives Akashic Readings at the College of Psychic Studies, London www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk on a one to one basis, in person, zoom and landline phone.