Energy Balancing

Energy balancing is bringing out bodies back into balance when we have suffered a trauma in our lives. This can be done with Shamanic journeying to discover the problem.

There can be many different balancing scenarios, “Soul Retrieval” is when we have lost a soul part in a traumatic situation and by bringing this “soul part” back as a Shamanic practitioner Vicky can help balance the energy of the person.

“Extraction Medicine” is another type of Shamanic journey whereby the client could have suffered being stabbed in the back in a past life and now has a “pain in their back” for no apparent reason. By journeying to this past life Vicky can effectively bring balance to the clients energy pattern.

An “Empowerment Journey” may be necessary for the client if they are not achieving or able to get the promotion they would like in their career or they find that people around them take “advantage” of their good nature. This can be changed with an “Empowerment Journey” to give them that extra boost to bring them back into balance again.

Through Shamanic practices Vicky carries out releasing attachments that are held within our energy field. Sometimes trapped souls on this earth attach themselves to our energy fields as they haven’t been able to move to “the light” when it was their time.

Through shamanic journeying to the appropriate Lower World, Middle or Upper World and connecting to her spirit guides and helpers she will be given information to work on releasing these energy attachments and releasing them to the light.

Sometimes these energy attachments can be our own thoughts of fear or other people’s fears which then manifest in disease in the mind and body. More information on Spirit Release can be found at of which Vicky is a registered practitioner.

To find out more about energy balancing or book a spirit release please contact Vicky: tel+44(0)1279 654129 mob: 07885 945008 email:

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