Feng Shui Practitioner Course

Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui London Feng Shui Practitioner Course IFSG Gold Programme in St. Johns Wood London NW1

The Space Clearing Modules start on the 20th and 21st July 2024 as per the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy course
The Feng Shui modules commence Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th August 2024 or starting with the Foundation Course and 3 more weekends with Vicky Sweetlove

£3600.00 for 12 days to include Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy
Payment plan available. Book here for Course Bookings

The practitioner training is taken over 12 days including a Feng Shui tour.

The course will be hands on training with practical case studies and space clearing techniques. A certificate will be given on completion of the course. An IFSG practioner certificate of Gold programme will be issued on completion of all module days and case studies. IFSG 3 months free student membership is offered with this course and once qualified as a practitioner can apply to the IFSG for red ribbon status test.

Day 1

Each course weekend students are given a task to prepare at home for the next day ie assessing the correct compass directions of their home front door, and sitting/facing direction, assessing homes of friends and family.

What is Feng Shui
History of Feng Shui
I Ching,
Early Heaven and Later Heaven Baguas
The Eight Trigrams
Compass Directions
How to take a compass reading
How to Plot your Floor Plan

Day 2

Form School
External environment
Internal environment
Location, landscape shape of buildings
Sitting and facing directions of house
Compass directions and life areas

Day 3

The five element cycles
Case studies of an office/home
Sha chi/Sheng Chi
Energy flow in the land and the home
Directions of chi – how to assess

Day 4

How to use the 5 elements as cures and enhancements
Shapes and Symbols of the Five elements
Symbolism of artwork.
Flying Stars and yearly afflictions
Directions for the current year
Office feng shui assessment according to form, chi and compass directions

Day 5 and 6

Space Clearing – use of tools
Energy of Space – how to assess the environment
Clutter Clearing – affects
Tools and Altars
Psychic protection

Day 7

Garden Feng Shui, chi and compass directions
How to plot the house floor plan and the land.
Bazi Chart – assessment
Colour Assessment – for the individual according to Bazi
Best Directions – for sitting, sleeping and facing according
To the individuals directions and the yearly afflictions.

Day 8

Feng Shui tour and office consultation.
Case study and assessment on own floor plans

How to carry out a consultation
Code of Ethics and Confidentiality
Being a professional Feng Shui Consultant

Day 9 and Day 10

Earth Energies – what are they
Geopathic Stress what are the causes, the affects on homes and wellbeing and what we can do
How to dowse and use the tools
How to harmonise the energy of home and place
How to balance the home remotely
The affects of the geopathic stress on the feng shui of the home
Understanding the land and the alignments
Connecting to the “spirit of place”

Day 11 and 12

Geopsychic Stress – the affects of traumatized land spirits
The affects on the feng shui of your home
The remedies to balance the trauma to the earth.
How to understand what energies are in trauma in the landscape
Knowing how to practice safely with the energies of Mother Earth

Plus Three Core Case Studies for the Feng Shui core elements
Plus Five Case studies on days 5 and 6, 9 to 12

To book or for further information call Vicky on tel: +44(0)207 723 8932 mob: 07885 945008 or email vickysweetlove@vickysweetlove.com