Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Space Clearing and Feng Shui

Vicky offers space clearing of homes, offices and land when purchasing or selling a home, building on land, and health problems, it is advisable to have the buildings and land space cleared.  When the energy of the land is traumatised it can then affect the homes we live in and the spaces we work in. “Trauma” to the earth can be caused by “Geopathic Stress”. More information at

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is caused by underground water, renovations to houses, roadworks, crime scenes, mining, underground trains and war zones. This in turn will cause problems for the people living in properties that are affected by the “negative” energies with divorce, ill health, bankruptcy and general bad luck where nothing goes right in your life.

There can also be other factors when you have Geopathic Stress sometimes termed as “telluric energy” it can attract “spirit entities” these can enter our homes via “portals”.


Portals are “spirit doorways” that can open up when there has been a trauma to the energy of our home through renovations not necessarily in your home but it could be affected by what is happening across the road or down the street. These portals then allow “spirits” entry into our homes. When this happens you may notice items go missing or you may feel or sense something/somebody around you where this “portal” is in your home/office space.

Feng Shui for your home/office and land

It is important to assess the Feng Shui of your home each year as the astrology changes the energy in the compass life areas of the home and for the occupants of the home each year. It is vital to know not just about the five element system, but also the best places in the home/office to sit, work and sleep to feel organised, have excellent health, be creative, have that “get up and go ” feeling that we all need each day. By working with the compass directions, the flying star astrology of the home and the bazi four pillar charts of the occupants, then each year can be as wonderful as the last when you make the changes in your home/office to benefit all the residents that live there.

Balancing the Energies

When working with bringing balance back to the land Vicky will connect to “mother earth” remotely by dowsing on a floor plan of the home / office and when she does this, she is connecting to that all great “information field”. She will then be guided how to work with the “trauma of the land” to bring back balance. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Vicky carries out earth acupuncture to the earth and through ceremony offers a “gift” to mother earth. If there is no land to carry out earth acupuncture then she will connect to the “Spirit of Place” the guardian of the home/office and give an offering and balance the energy working with crystals and grids.

Creating A Happy Space to live and work

After the balancing of the earth energies Vicky will work to bring the energy of the home/office back into balance to suit the people that live/work in that space, for their own personal needs by going through a “space clearing” ceremony. This will clear any predecessor “chi” from previous occupants with illness, bad luck and negativity and bring in good luck and a positive way forward with good health and wellbeing for all the occupants.

Feedback from clients:

I have had akashic records reading with Vicky on numerous occasions. I am always left astonished as she is accurate with her readings and the advice and guidance, she provides is so valuable.
After moving into a new home last year, I started noticing that’s some things didn’t seem quite right. I could not really understand what it was. My business also had started to slow down where I was struggling to attract and retain customers.

During a conversation with Vicky, she suggested a house clearing followed by feng shui.

After the consultation in February, I listened but did not act on the advice given. It was only during a second consultation in April where I decided to listen and implement the changes. Within a few days of doing the changes, I started to notice changes in my life for the better. My business also improved dramatically. The results in May and June for my business after I implemented the changes she recomended.

I highly recommend the services of Vicky. You will not be disappointed. Ajeet Marwaha, Coventry

We had the best nights sleep in months !! Ray settled well and slept 10/11 hours in his new bedroom too. Things are definitely different!!! Thank you again. E, Duxford

I am still thinking about your incredible work you’ve done in Stanka’s house. She went on holiday so I slept in her house and I felt that lovely energy and I felt safe.
I even experienced in the past strange energy when I recorded in the studio . I opened the studio door and before I went in incredible light surrounded me… I was so surprised. It was unforgettable experience. Jarka, Ealing

To find out more or book a Space Clearing please contact Vicky: tel: +44(0)207 723 8932 and tel: +44(0)1526 323809 mob: 07885 945008 email:

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